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Victorian Wedding Style Guide

Embark on your Victorian journey with our curated style guide, where inspiration awaits. Dressing up is a form of self expression, so remember to have fun with it and to see where your unique interpretation takes you.



Planning for:

  • the ultimate comfort, style, and reusability

  • no-stress timeline

Styling assistance:

  • About Costume Closet

  • Post-wedding Costume Recycling​

For personalized styling assistance, whether in person or virtually, we are working with our good friends at Costume Closet, a fashion speakeasy in Brooklyn, New York, to bring you options for rent or buy.


They are prepared with all the juicy details to provide extra support to bring your Victorian vision to life. With their keen eye for detail and expert sourcing of fashion, they'll guide you through the process of selecting the perfect ensemble tailored to your taste.


Take advantage of their complimentary virtual consultation exclusively for our esteemed guests, available until April 30th, 2024. Secure your appointment promptly, as slots are limited. Alternatively, explore additional sessions and arrange in-person visits conveniently through their website at



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